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Cloud IT Week in Review: Computerworld, Intermedia, More

April 23, 2016

The combination of Information Technology and the Cloud was all over the news again this past week, and we have some of the stories worth revisiting.

To begin, running a network in IT has always been a challenge, and now with the rise of hackers and incoming malware threats, it’s becoming an even bigger nightmare. But there is one solution that more and more managers are turning to: The Cloud. As reported in Computerworld, cloud computing is being seen as a virtual lifesaver. “Users are counting on fast, secure access more than ever, even as networks get more complex and threats more dangerous,” they said. “Often, there’s a lot of data available about the state of a network and its performance, but more data by itself can't solve a problem. So startups are turning to the growing power of the cloud for answers.” Click HERE to see what else they uncovered.

Another, more pertinent question: What’s your plan for the day you lose access to all of your data? If the question stops you short and you figure you’ll get around to putting a plan together some day, you’re too much at risk to even spend time finishing this article. In a world where you have access to cloud IT, it doesn’t make sense to leave it for tomorrow and assume you won’t run into problems today. You may be able to go years without problems, reports TMC’s Susan J. Campbell. The weather in your area never gets violent; the backup process you’ve used for years still works just fine; and the network doesn’t ever go down. In terms of technology business operations, you’re in paradise. But what if your threat is not from the normal channels, but one that you never saw coming? Click HERE to find some answers.

In other news, Intermedia published a New Standard report, highlighting why the demand for a new way of staying connected via email is so important. If you’re leveraging cloud IT to support your email systems, you’re always connected. If a server goes down on the service provider’s end, redundancies are put in place so that you never know it – performance is unaffected. Go HERE to see what you can do about it, and HERE to see other Cloud IT news as it happens

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